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Centre for Cannabinoid Therapeutics

University of Toronto and University Health Network
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Centre for Cannabinoid Therapeutics (CCT) is an interdisciplinary group of world-class researchers and clinicians with expertise in cannabis/cannabinoids under one roof conducting translational research and clinical practice in cannabis, cannabis-derived products and cannabinoids. CCT is "Bud-To-Bedside" and "Bedside-To-Bud". 

CCT is an example of taking on complex projects and challenges facing the healthcare community in the context of cannabis and cannabinoids as potential therapeutics. Master Group capabilities include generating real world evidence, investigating real world drug samples, developing novel molecules, drug formulations, drug-receptor level evidence, various disease animal models, and translational research. 

Our ultimate goal is to investigate and to modulate the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to align the discoveries for therapeutics development.

Science and research for better patient care and pharmaceutical care are at the core of our activities.

Check-out our publication, and if possible, talk to us... a good conversation goes a long way!

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